Kurulus Osman Episode 152 in Urdu Subtitle – Season 5

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Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman Episode 152 in Urdu Subtitle – Season 5

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 152 With Urdu Subtitles and Download Free in HD Quality


  • Release date
    • Wednesday, 13 March 2024 (Turkey)
  • Country of origin
    • Turkey
  • Language
    • Turkish
  • Director:
  • Also known as
    • Kurulus Osman
  • Production companies
    • ATV
  • Urdu Subtitle
    • Vidtower

Kurulus Osman Episode 152 Review

Our desires are infinite beyond our deaths and the roads we track exceed those of our horses. I pray this realization will never dawn on us in its entirety. I’ll think of marrying you, if you walk away from this.

Kurulus Osman Bolum152 in Urdu Subtitle – Season 5

The depths of Sarai’s treachery are unfathomable; I refuse to forget it but take revenge myself nowadays. Yet note that the price paid shall be made severe: that is all .I won’t just shout out threats without thinking again, as from today.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 152 with Urdu Subtitle

We are heads of a squashed tribe which will still survive before your very eyes We are hunters, the desolate ones This is what is written in the stars for us and we accept it.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 152 in Urdu Subtitle

Glory to Allah for reaching us the holy month of Ramadan. We all know what difficulties we are going through. Those who seek to harm us will be defeated first. Arrest me and the sisters, Mehmet Bey.

Gonca Hatun, you’re not an exception either; you are also placed under arrest – Gere, what is your plan? I will not forgive this deceitful Tekfur girl; justice must prevail in her case. Like I have said before, those that dwell in water will sink if they try to bury us.

Kurulus Osman: Episode 152

The way they will respond to our strength is something that I am looking forward to Mr. Osman.’ Our hearts should raise their spirits from this cause.” He said with a strong conviction. The one’s who stand with us are on path of Righteousness’ but our enemies shall meet hell.-Let it be a warning to traitors against friends: this land shall be enemies’ sepulcher.”

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 152 with urdu subtitle- Season 5

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